Your privacy is important.

As users, we love GDPR and the transparency it brings from companies. As a tiny bootstrapped company based in Atlanta, we will do our best to respond to any requests as quickly as we can.

Personal data used is obtained by being provided to us. Some potential data we may use when provided: email, name, location, photos, and analytics. Why?

  • Email: this is provided when signing up for a beta or authenticating in the app. This is how we ensure you are who you say you are.
  • Name: this is an optional field we can use to help people interact within the app beyond generated usernames.
  • Location – once permission is granted to the OS, the app uses location to:
    • Find nearby TBL TNS locations
    • Check in to a TBL TNS location
    • Add a TBL TNS game
  • Photos:
    • Profile avatar photo (only after uploaded). This helps connect players.
    • Profile hero photo (only after uploaded). This adds some style to your profile.
  • Analytics:
    • App usage – all anonymous.
    • Crash reporting

We collect and store this data for as long as needed to support the services/applications covered by this policy.

Reach out to us via email ( if you’d like too:

  • Obtain a portable copy of your data.
  • Delete your data.
  • Correct your data.

If you have any privacy related questions, please reach out to us at: